Ashley Revell

In the year 2004, an Englishman called Ashley Revell chose to sell all of his belongings in order to bet on one single roulette wheel spin. As crazy as it sounds, it is actually true. Revell's money totaled to $135,300 after selling all of his belongings and the world ended up watching him as he bet all of this on red; the TV broadcasted it. Now, this might sound even crazier, but believe it: he won.

In a CNN interview, Ashley Revell stated that he had thought very hard about betting on black in the very beginning. However, as the wheel spun, Revell started thinking more clearly and suddenly remembered how the viewers voted for a red bet to win.

Was it easy?

He also mentioned that he didn't have the support of his father at all and was even asked by him to find a job instead, so he could eventually make something of his life. He also knew how crazy the stunt was to begin with and that he would therefore never try it again, no matter what happened or who asked for him to.

The English online bookmaker called Blue Square also donated money to that bet, provided Ashley change his second name to exactly that: Blue Square. And, to add more craziness to his already crazy choices, he did.

Revell's winnings helped him set up his very own poker website, which can still be found on the World Wide Web today.

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