Double Street

The Double Street Bet

To start off, there is the double street bet, which revolves around thinking you can win.

This includes dual double street bets, straight bets and quad bets. If you count, you can see how these bets actually cover seventeen numbers in total, almost half of the entire roulette table in the American or European version.

If you make a double street bet, which covers a total of six numbers, your payout will stand at 5 out of 1. The payout of a corner bet, on the other hand, would be 8 out of 1, while a straight bet - the best - would stand at 35 out of 1.

Professionals of this particular strategy tend to assume that straight bets on separate numbers are better, excluding any other bets since this raises your overall chances of winning.

How to Bet and Win

You should bet six chips in total: dual double streets, one straight bet and one quad bet. If a double street bet wins, the profit is going to be six chips since two of the chips will have a payout of 5 out of 1.

You can also first make another six bets: a straight bet and five quad or corner bets. Here, you will need to choose which corners to bet on, as well as which place to put the straight bet. So, after you bet, you will see 21 numbers covered - quite an impressive feat. However, if the straight bet stands in a corner bet, you will cover up a total of twenty numbers.

Still, there are chances that your straight bet will win. In such cases, the profit will stand at thirty chips because the other bets will lose.

All of these strategies weren't made for big wins, but for little sums. Also, the winning will be slow, but you will have a great time for longer at the roulette table.

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