Meet Two Friends

Claude Shannon and Edward Thorp were great scientists and former MIT students who loved roulette and blackjack. Because of this, they both tried to invent a device that could predict the roulette wheel's winning numbers - and they succeeded (though no one knows how much they won through its help).

Edward Thorp

Thorp happens to be the inventor of the card-counting tactic in blackjack; the founder of beating blackjack; the physicist and the mathematician; the UCLA and MIT teacher; the important author of various gambling books, mathematics books, astrology books and physics books, as well as scientific works and articles.

He is the one who forever changed gambling history and because of one of his books, casinos started to change their blackjack rules to no avail.

Thorp and Shannon met early on and were good friends. They visited Las Vegas every weekend to play roulette and blackjack and see where their luck would take them. The idea of inventing an advantage-play computer to win at roulette came about at one of these visits of theirs.

Claude Shannon

Shannon is famous for inventing information theory in 1948. He was a good mathematician and electronic engineer and even won a noble prize back in 1939. He wrote various scientific and mathematic works and boasts various inventions that were sometimes seen as a little crazy: the magnetic mouse, pogo sticks with motors, rocket-powered discs, computer chess programs, and ultimately the device that helped him and Thorp win at roulette.

Thorp and Shannon weren't just friends; they were partners. In fact, many theories by Thorp got proven by Shannon. They eventually used the Kelly criteria in the market and got great results. from it.

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