The Truth about Betting Strategies in Casino Games

In real random game, betting strategies aren't able to improve a person's expected winnings because the chances of winning happen to be completely dependent on the expected amount of the house advantage. Traditional casino games like European Roulette have expected losses of 19 out of 37 for every game, while

American roulette has 20 out of 38, and craps has 251 out of 495 or 1031 out of 1980 depending on the line. Slots also have expectations, but these are - by law - allowed to be hidden from players in several countries. The table acronym that showcases the chances of various outcomes for certain machines is PARS, though.

An Introduction to Counting Cards

Counting cards is superficially similar to strategies of betting because the first bet is decreased and increased. However, a card deck isn't a memory less and random game. Instead, its strategy relies on the fact that decks with a lot of 10-values and Aces are highly likely to bring about blackjacks, either to the player or the dealer.

However, players get paid more for blackjacks (usually 50%) while the dealer just gets the original bet. If players use strategies to guess how many deck cards are Aces and 10s, he can increase his bet in order to take full advantage of increased chances of blackjacks. This happens to be the advantage that comes with extra Aces and 10s.

The original game before the 1960s used single card decks and was almost always re-dealt before the deck ran out. Because of this, people could come up with strategies to easily estimate the amount of 10s and Aces left inside the deck. Counting cards isn't even considered cheating since players don't result to subterfuge in order to find out the outcome. Instead, they just know that their chances have changed in their own favor.

Therefore, effective counters of cards need to have big bankrolls in order to cover big initial bets, even if the dealer wins. Some casinos have already implemented various rule changes to make the estimation harder. The easiest of these would be pit bosses who don't allow wide ranges of first bets and invite players to change their games once they realize the advantage of that player.

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