Mini roulette refers to a casino game that is based on European roulette. However, when it comes to mini roulette, in particular, the wheel only has 12 numbers and a single zero as opposed to 36 numbers.

The wheel in mini roulette may feature less numbers, but don't be misled by this. The actual cash rewards of this miniature version can actually be big. This is especially true since no maximum limits exist on bets.

To begin playing, just click on the value you wish to bet and then click the layout on which you would like to place your bet. Each extra click on the area will add more chips with higher bets.

To pick chips with other cash values, simply click on the chip and then on the layout where you would wish to put your bet. It is also possible to place numerous chips on a lot of different places at once. To unselect chips, just right-click on the place where you would like to get rid of a chip. Then, click on Spin so that the wheel will start spinning.

Making Bets

Bets in mini roulette are much easier compared to in the regular roulette structure. Here, it is possible to bet on any individual number from the 12 available ones, any of the three rows with four numbers, various number combinations, every even number, ever odd number, every red number or every black number.


Mini roulette pay-outs aren't the same as in the regular game. For instance, odd and even, red and black, and any six numbers pay off 1:1, while straight bets will pay off 11:1.

The table in mini roulette, looks like a regular roulette table, but with less numbers. If you are looking for gambler-friendliness in an online roulette game, however, this is the place to be.

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