Online Roulette Odds

To learn and beat both land and online Roulette players must learn that Roulette probabilities never change and then they may increase their potential winnings. Also, there are a lot of different strategies of playing and winning Roulette.

The same as in the land casinos, online Roulette tables consist of European or American Roulette. European has 37 slots (one" zero" pocket) and American has 38 ("zero" and "double zero" pockets). In 1842, US Roulette designers added "Double zero" with the aim of increasing more the house edge.

All players should remember one important thing: If Roulette wheel comes up black several times in a row it does not influence the odds of the next spin.

Wheel to win

There is only one factor that can influence Roulette odds and Roulette payouts. A player has a higher advantage playing European wheel if the payout for the bet is the same as during the game on American wheel. Many European wheels propose certain special bets and American wheel - house edge "five-number" (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) bet.

Payouts for Outside bets

Roulette Outside bets can be of the following types:

The odds for above-mentioned bet types will be 1.111 to 1 for every of them except Column and Dozen. For these types the odds are 2.167 to 1.

The payouts are 2 to 1 for Column and Dozen; for the other - 1 to 1.

Payouts for Inside bets

These can of the following types:

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