Oscar's Grind

The Oscar system of grind betting gets its name from a certain dice player that used this bet to play craps' pass line. The goal of this particular system is betting a certain sequence until a unit bet is won.

How it Works

This is how the system works: every time a bet is lost, bet the exact same value next time. Every time a bet is won, bet a unit higher. The goal here is to win a single unit bet.

To makes things easier to understand, if you place a bet of $2 on black and end up winning, you will win $2 - that's it. You have reached your winning goal.

So, basically, the system starts after you make your first loss. If your $2 bet on red loses, bet the exact same value again next time. If this results in another loss, you will have lost $4 altogether. The third bet has to be $2 since you lost. However, if this wins, you will have only lost $2 overall.

Also, since you won, an extra unit can be added to the next bet, which means $4. If this wins, you will have an extra $2 than you started off with and have reached your goal of being better off by a betting unit.

Things to Think about

Before using this grind system, you need to ensure that you set a maximum bet of stop loss for every sequence. Once reached, accept your loss and begin a brand new sequence.

This system is quite an interesting one, especially if you keep your levels of betting quite low. Also, if your losses go on for a long time, you won't lose as much since you will only increase your bets after a win.

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