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Roulette is a very famous casino game. During many years it inspired gamblers from different parts of the world to develop various strategies, systems of beating and, in some cases, cheating at the Roulette table. This article is devoted to people who made their contribution to the Roulette history by their unusual methods of winning huge sums of money.

Joseph Jagger

He was a famous roulette player, who made Roulette history during 1873. He hired 6 men to watch over the Roulette winning numbers in a Monte Carlo casino. Reviewing the results of this research, Jagger found out that some certain numbers are hit more in comparison with others. He was sure that it is possible to win $400,000 with the help of teamwork. And he did it.

Charles Wells

Later, Charles Wells, known as "Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo", won 2 million francs during 2 days. There is even a song about him.

Ashley Revell

In 2004, the Englishman Ashley Revell sold all his personal belongings and went to Las Vegas Plaza Hotel. He had $135,300. He put this amount on "Red" in a "double-or-nothing" bet and walked out with $270,600. This made him a famous roulette player. All this was broadcasted on the British Sky One channel - live. But later, Revell said it was really crazy and he would not do it again.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pedayo

One more famous player Gonzalo Garcia-Pedayo used minicomputer in order to calculate certain numbers that were hit at the Roulette wheel. In the issue he made his bets. He won a few million dollars during several years with the help of modern technology.

Eventually, all that casinos sued him. But later everybody was shocked to see that the court adjudged him not guilty. The thing is that that very microcomputer did not influence the Roulette ball or the wheel. After this event casinos made sure that anyone can gain an advantage over the Roulette game.

So, all these people were ready to lose all they had in their lives just for a little chance to become millionaires at the most famous game in the world.

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