Russian Roulette

What is Russian Roulette?

Russian roulette refers to a "game" of luck that is potentially lethal. In this "game", participants put one round inside a revolver and then spin its cylinder with the muzzle placed onto their head. Afterwards, they pull the revolver's trigger. The reason it uses the term "Russian" is because that is where the "game" originated from and "roulette" comes from the risk-taking element that comes with spinning the cylinder like spinning the roulette wheel.

The Variations

This can also be played while two players take turns with the spinning and the revolver firing, so that every successive turn comes with an equal failure probability or players can just take turns and not spin the cylinders. Assuming a regular cylinder with six rounds, the chances of failure with each spin stands at around 1/6th. (This would be affected by the bullet's weight, though, as well as the spin's direction and the gun's angle as it is held while the cylinder spins.)

If three or more players are playing without re-spins, the first chance of every player getting killed would be 1/6th, but this would change each time someone pulls the trigger. The next player will have a 1/5th or 20% chance of getting killed, while the next player's chance would stand at 1/4th or 25%. The last player will have a chance of getting killed by 1/1 or 100% - if the cartridge actually works, that is.

However, because the chance that the last player has of pulling the trigger would also be equal to the chance of the initial players not getting killed, the first chance of getting killed would actually be 1/6, just like the chance of the very first player's. In the first case, where the chamber is re-signed, the game will keep going indefinitely, so gamblers could only bet on the players that might survive and the amount of turns that the game might last for.

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